The Best Crutches For Kids!

In Motion Underarm CrutchesAt we feel the most important factors to consider when dealing with a child’s injury are: comfort, safety, and independence.

Here is our advice to help you and your child on the road to recovery:

Don’t Buy Cheap Crutches for your kids

Buying cheap crutches is a huge mistake that can cost your child pain in the present and future. Not only will they have a harder time during the recovery period, they may even suffer intense pain long after healing from a leg or foot injury.

Comfortable Crutch Pads for your kids

Crutch pads are essential on the road to recovery, and work wonders to provide comfort. There are so many possibilities out there to choose from but we have a specific strategy in mind:

Crutch pads don’t have to be accessories purchased after buying a cheap pair of crutches. In fact, buying crutches with built in comfortable/ergonomic crutch pads for your child’s injury will save you money by following one simple rule:

Buy nicer crutches with built-in accessories like crutch pads instead of adding crutch accessories later.

This is the key to saving on crutches.

Crutches We Recommend For Kids

Our top three crutches to buy for your kids:

The Ergobaum Kids forearm crutches by Ergoactives. These cool crutches come equipped with comfortable padding, loaded shock absorbers, spring loaded legs, a night light, horn and safety reflectors.

The Ergobaum also comes with a built-in knee rest platform, a forearm strap and cup, and an adjustable cushion grip.  If you’re wondering where to buy these crutches, they’re available on and–86sxoC06Hw_wcB

For child walking crutches we also recommend the iWALK2.0 hands free crutch. These well designed hands free crutches for kids and adults (4’10-6’6”)  are stable, pain free and economical at only $149.

What we like most about the iWALK2.0’s design is that it allows patients to be completely handsfree, and continue living independent lives like they did before their injury.

It’s important to know that the learning curve for the iWALK2.0 is around a week, and we recommend learning and understanding specific balance techniques and/or consulting with your local fitter to avoid further injury.

Our last recommendation is the Millennial Crutches – in-Motion Pro Crutch. These innovative crutches will improve your child’s mobility while keeping them equally comfortable

These cool crutches are fully adjustable (they fit for adults too) and are easy to carry, package and ship. If your child has to take the bus to school everyday, these crutches are light weight comes in various colors including red and blue.

Crutch Tips For Kids

Having good, safe, reliable crutch tips for your child during their injury is one of the most important safety factors.

Most kids crutches don’t come equipped with proper crutch tips which can sometimes lead to injury. Injuries from poor or non-gripped crutch tips most often take place during bad weather, or if the kid is horsing around on their crutches.

When looking for crutches, make sure to ask the company if they can supply you with additional crutch tips before buying.