Cheap crutches will hurt you!

axillary crutchesAt we think the worst thing you can do on the road to recovery is use bad crutches.

Don’t buy these crutches:

These cheap crutches will make your injury much worse. People who use cheap crutches like these experience severe pain during and after their injuries. Everything from joint strain to nerve damage.

What makes bad crutches bad?

Crutches like the Guardian Economy Crutch are an example of a crutch to never use. EVER!

What makes basic crutches so bad are the materials and design. Basic economy arm crutches are hard on the joints, particularly the wrists and shoulders. Even over a short period of time, basic crutches can cause serious nerve damage and cut off circulation.

Most hospitals and doctors are forced to assign cheap crutches like the Guardian economy crutch to patients because they’re inexpensive and hospitals don’t have contracts with smaller, boutique crutch companies.

This is a huge mistake, mostly because patients don’t realize there are so many healthier axillary crutch alternatives such as the lofstrand crutch. The lofstrand crutch’s retail price is equatable with most basic crutches, and won’t hurt the patient.

If the hospital gives the patient crutches as part of their recovery/insurance plan, there are a few basic ways to get the most out of those bad arm crutches:

Buying Crutch Accessories

Try purchasing crutch tips with a rain-guard that are also non-slip. If you live in a cold climate where it rains and snows, you can add all-terrain grips to your arm crutches to avoid further injury.

Crutch Pads

Crutch pads are another important crutch accessory. Similar to crutch tips, crutch pads can improve a bad pair of crutches. Throw these over your economy crutches and feel completely different.

We like these (link below) Black Underarm Crutch pad because they’re moisture wicking, antibacterial and look pretty stinking good for crutches. If you’re wondering where to buy crutches, look at some of our affiliates who usually have more of a selection than Amazon.

If you’re on a budget and looking for cheap crutch accessories, check out the Care Crutch Pad. It’s less than four dollars on Amazon and will reduce crutch fatigue BIG TIME. The other thing we like about this product is how long lasting they are. We’ve had ours for years.

Another fantastic crutch pad to buy is the Crutch Arm Pad from Invacare. This product is a reasonably priced solution for crutch pain. Like our other recommendations, this item is long lasting and guaranteed to help.

Another crutch accessory we like a lot that can improve economy crutches is the Crutcheze black crutch bag. It can be attached to virtually any crutch and is lightweight, stretchable, water proof and bacteria resistant.

Many people ask if it’s a cumbersome product, and it’s not, even with a full water bottle in it.