Explorer-Navigator-Crutch-LargeThe Explorer Navigator crutch is a bit more than other crutches of it’s kind with similar design. The Explorer may look like a minor step up from the crutches they hand you at the hospital, but trust us, they’re a big step up.

These crutches are superior in comfort and durability. They come with a quick release lever that’s easy to adjust, and the design promotes blood circulation which is important for healing. This feature also reduces potential numbness and problems with the nervous system.


Contoured Under-Arm Support:

  • Designed to increase blood circulation
  • Reduces numbness and risk to nervous system
  • Designed to prevent osteoarthritis in shoulder

Micro adjustable handle:

  • Quick release lever for easy adjustment
  • 360° Rotation with unlimited vertical adjustment
  • Ergonomically designed hand gripAdjusts in 1” increments
  • New circle clip design for easy height adjustments

Shock Absorber:

  • Solid core polymer shock system
  • Reduces stress on back, shoulder, wrist, and elbow

Pivoting Aventure Tip:

  • Flexes 30° for increased surface contact
  • Designed to prevent slips and falls
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs
  • Latex-free construction