From rollators to walkers and other mobility essentials, there are lots to choose from.

Platform crutches are designed for those unable to use or have difficulty gripping crutches, or are looking for the easiest, most comfortable mode of assistance during (what doesn’t have to be!) an uncomfortable time.

Whatever you decide, we have you covered!

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Our Highest Rated Platform Crutch

Smartcrutch Adjustable Forearm Crutches

These smart crutch adjustable forearm crutches, while not a pure platform crutch, are truly some of the best designed assisted walk companions out there.



Ergobaum® Prime By Ergoactives

These are truly the "King's" crutches. If these were around in the medieval times, the Ergobaum Primes would be the first choice of Henry the VIII.



Ergobaum® Kids Crutches By Ergoactives

Just like his adult size, these are the crutches for the prince. When your child picks up an injury, be sure to buy them these great crutches that will keep them comfortable while they heal.



TFI Platform Forearm Crutch

Lightweight, easy to use, this platform crutch, will exceed your expectations.



Platform Crutch, 1 Adult Size, Velcro Sleeve, Form-fitted Rubber Handle.

We love this pair of platform crutches! They’re super lightweight, easy to adjust, comfortable and look pretty cool in blue.