iwalkfree hands free

The iWALK Crutch, a device that allows patients to act independently, makes other crutches look cumbersome and difficult to use.

This economical, well-designed alternative allows users to live their lives independent of the injury— hands free!

The only potential iWALK2.0 set back is the product’s compatibility with certain leg injuries. Various leg injuries can’t be treated with the iWALK2.0 due to the products specific leg positioning, but be sure to contact a local fitter before making a decision.

The iWALK2.0 is a safe, stable, pain fee, hands free, economical crutch alternative that frees the hands and arms completely.

Includes easy to follow, do-it-yourself instructions for assembly fitting and use. Video instructions are also available. You can be iWALKing in 10-30 minutes!

One size fits all – easily adjusts for 4’10” to 6’6″ for left or right leg. No tools required. Takes seconds to put on or take off with quick release leg straps.