To minimize what can be an uncomfortable experience, it’s important to choose the best possible option when it comes to buying crutches. For this we recommend the forearm crutch, the easiest possible way to get around with the least possible strain on the arm pits, shoulders, forearms and back.

From doctors to surgeons to physical therapists, everyone has their own opinion about the perfect crutch. But here’s our comprehensive list, one that is sure to help you on your path to a quick recovery!

ImageCrutchRatings (/10)Price

Forearm Crutches Metallic Blue

These are very nice crutches and worth the price. The forearm cuffs have just the right tension allow you to slip them off easily when you want to. The shock absorbent allows for less soreness and usage on tougher terrain.


(discounted from $177.99)

Rebotech Forearm Crutch

This is an excellent choice for all those who are looking for an affordable, stable, and comfortable walking aid.



Aluminum Forearm Crutches for Children



Drive Medical Lightweight Walking Forearm Crutches

These are slightly more than standard issue forearm crutches and feature adjustable forearm and leg section. Great, classic crutches.



Lumex Forearm Crutch

The standard choice of forearm crutch users, some may find them aesthetically unpleasing, but these are a solid option for those looking for an affordable, stable, and comfortable walking aid.



Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking Crutches

These are solid, comfortable, light weight crutches. They are cheap, but quality for the price.