Last year I spent three months on crutches. We all make mistakes, and mine was riding down a steep hill in Greece a little bit too fast. It was a gorgeous day on the island of Paros. I still remember exactly what it felt like, losing control of the motorbike—spinning out on gravel, the weight of the bike crushing my leg, a Greek couple standing over me offering water and cigarettes.

When the ambulance came, I was disoriented. They lifted the motorbike off me—two medics, murmuring in Greek. At that moment I knew I wouldn’t walk without assistance for awhile.

The good news: Medical treatment in Greece is very cheap (practically free!).

The bad news: Flying back home to Colorado with a broken leg for additional treatment (and telling my parents!).

Turns out I fractured my tibia, broke two toes and my ankle. At home in the states they put me in a thick, knee high cast and gave me several options for assisted walking: forearm crutches, axilla crutches, a walker (yes that was an option), or a cane. I had no idea what would be the easiest, most comfortable option for my body type, specific injury, and lifestyle, until I did some research.

No matter the circumstances of your injury, I want my blog to help people find what works best for them, and make life on crutches as easy and comfortable as possible.

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