Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking Crutch Review

Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking Crutch Review

Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking CrutchThe forearm crutches don’t put any consistent weight under your arms. They are more secure and easy to use devices. They have a basic plan including some adaptable sleeves flanking the part of the arm, which is expressly underneath your elbow. The sleeves’ employment is to lessen the strain and inconvenience one could encounter when utilizing strolling gear. They are quite recently over your handgrip, which is at a position down the length of the braces.

Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking Crutch by Drive Medical weighs 4.8 ounces. The height from the top of the handle to cuff is 8.5 inches or 22 cm. It is not adjustable unless you are petite, it shouldn’t be a problem. The cuff is wide open, so it doesn’t wrap around the entire forearm. However, it is very comfortable and ergonomically fits anyone.

The Euro Style lightweight aluminum forearm crutches by Drive Medical adds style contrasted with customary lower arm bolsters. The outline highlights a one piece shaped lower arm sleeve and hand hold get together which can be stature balanced in 1″ augmentations to take into account personal solace and estimating. At 1.5 pounds each, this prop is lighter than standard style lower arm supports. The item is accessible in two in vogue hues: silver and blue and can meet an extensive variety of clients. One piece formed the plastic sleeve and hand grasp get together gives security and solace.

The material used is aluminum with its handle to floor height is 30″ to 39″. Highly recommended for users with a height of 5′ to 6’2″. Product weight is 1.5 lbs each crutch.


A customer loves the Euro Style lightweight aluminum as he went back to see his physical therapist, the doctor commented how much they admired the crutches and in disbelief for the price of the medical device that usually runs over a hundred dollars. They took the name and the model to refer these crutches to their patients. It is worth the price.

The crutches are easy to use as it is very lightweight. Adjustable for short people who are at least five footers. Stairs are easier to use compared using the underarm crutches. The crutches have two colors, blue and silver. Read more information here.


Another customer finds this device uncomfortable. She bought this item after the surgery on her ankle that she needed to be on crutches. A friend told her that Euro Style lightweight aluminum is comfortable than the traditional underarm crutches provided by the hospitals and doctor’s offices. The problem was, the forearm part dug into her arm and felt extreme discomfort and unstable.

Consumer Rating:

The consumers who purchased the Euro Style Light Weight Forearm Walking Crutch gave this an overall feedback of 4.3 out of 5 stars. It is an excellent value for money and is comfortable to use.