Cane-ManIf you have a serious injury and are looking to recover the right way, unfortunately any old cane in Grandma’s closet won’t do the job.

In your time of injury, a cane should be fit to your body specifications, injury, and grip. Here are some of our favorite canes.

We feel the most important factors are comfort, portability, and shape.

Top Canes for 2015


Harvy Men's Alpacca Hexagon Nose Cane

This Harvy Men’s Alpaca Nose cane is more than a cane, it’s a work of art. It’s sturdy, good in most weather, despite the flat bottom grip. The head is comfortable, fun to use, well crafted and hexagonal.

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Harvy Men’s Alpacca Replica Horse Head Cane

This gorgeous cane is beautiful and extremely useful. It’s light weight, easy to grip, and very sturdy.

Harvy Crook Horse Head Cane

This Harvy head horse can is perfect for horse lovers and those looking to spice things up with their walking companion.

Harvy Right Shaft Cane

This Harvy Right Shaft Cane is not just a basic cane. It’s adjustable with a great grip and comes in unisex. It looks great and feels even better.

Harvy Men’s Anatomical Titanic Blue Derby Acrylic Cane

This men’s anatomical cane is a steal at this price. With a beautiful grip that’s both comfortable and good looking, it’s perfect for men and women. Makes a great gift!

Harvy Men's 14K Gold Plate Crook Cane

This Harvy Men’s gold plated cane is a top of the line accessory for those looking to supplement their walking experience. Plated with precious metals, this cane is comfortable, lightweight and crafted to perfection.

Harvy Men's Alpacca Dog Head Cane

This Harvy Men’s Alpacca Dog head cane is a work of art. It’s gorgeous and comfortable. Don’t worry, the ears won’t poke you!

Harvy Unisex Pearlized Ball Nite Stick

This Pearl Ball Nite Cane is unusual in its appearance, but sleek and comfortable to walk with. It’s lightweight and easy because of the pearlized ball knob.

Harvy Granite Series Aluminum Folding Cane

Foldable, light and adjustable, for the reasonable price, this cane is everything you need in a walking companion.

Harvy Men's Horn Pointed Nose Cane

The color and feel of this cane is unbeatable. Especially for the price, made with a genuine horn and it's lightweight; this cane is a must buy!

Harvy Men’s Alpacca Replica Horse Head Cane

Of all the alpaca speciality canes, this one might be the most comfortable. Its grip is sleek and easy to use. The wood stem is very pleasing to the eye.

Harvy Men’s Bubinga Cane

This walking stick is both fashionable, lightweight and easy on the eye. As an accessory and walking companion, it can go with almost any outfit.