Crutch-ManHello and welcome to Crutch Reviews. This site has arisen out of a desire to create a robust resource that has all the information you need to pick a great pair of crutches or canes for use without any problems. When you buy crutches, there actually is a lot more information you must consider before making a decision. Our motivation to create this resource comes from our experience with crutches over the years, but most recently after a major motorcycle accident a little over a year ago.

It was from this awful experience that we understood the need for a site that makes it easier for people to select and buy crutches that are comfortable and suitable for people’s needs. Let’s be honest, the crutches that may be given to you by the doctor just should not even be offered. The standard crutch is just uncomfortable, out dated, and may even cause you more unnecessary pain for your arms. That is why this site is here to help, we breakdown different styles of crutches and canes, which depending on your injury and requirements, will dramatically increase your quality of life over the duration of your injury.

Top Rated Crutches for 2015

ImageCrutchRatings (/10)Price

Our Highest Rated Forearm Crutch

Forearm Crutches Metallic Blue

These are very nice crutches and worth the price. The forearm cuffs have just the right tension allow you to slip them off easily when you want to. The shock absorbent allows for less soreness and usage on tougher terrain.


(discounted from $177.99)

Our Highest Rated Underarm Crutch

In-Motion Pro Underarm Tall Ergonomic Folding Underarm Crutch

Give your legs the support it needs with the Millennial Medical 2 Piece In-Motion Pro Underarm Tall Ergonomic Folding Underarm Crutch.



Our Highest Rated Platform Crutch

Smartcrutch Adjustable Forearm Crutches

These smart crutch adjustable forearm crutches, while not a pure platform crutch, are truly some of the best designed assisted walk companions out there.



Our Highest Rated Leg Support Crutch

iWALK 2.0 Hands Free Crutch

The iWALK Crutch, a device that allows patients to act independently, makes other crutches look cumbersome and difficult to use. This economical, well-designed alternative allows users to live their lives independent of the injury— hands free!



Our Highest Rated Walker

Essential Medical Supply Free Spirit Knee & Leg Walker

This product is superbly engineered and designed. This product is true to it’s name, comes equipped with a 30% turning radius as well as looping hand brakes that makes this one of the most secure scooters on the market.


(discounted from $719.90)

*We’re always adding more crutches to our site to review. Get in touch with us to get your favorite crutch added onto our site.

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